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Public Health Genomics

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      • Genomic Competencies for the Public Health Workforce The purpose of this activity is to present essential public health competencies that incorporate specific aspects of genomics and present the required core knowledge, skills, abilities, and crosscutting functions related to public health programs.
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      • A Method for Introducing A New Competency Genomics The MINC toolkit is a starting point for healthcare providers who want to promote genomic integration into practice to benefit their patients.
      • Behavior, environment, and genetic factors all have a role in causing people to be overweight and obese This collection of educational resources contains information and commentary on discoveries of genetic variants, related disease outcomes, and the complex social, legal, and ethical issues surrounding genetic discoveries related to obesity.
      • Genetic Alliance Webinars Genetic Alliance hosts monthly webinars, which discuss genetics and advocacy, public policy, and organizational development.
      • Medical Resources Resources and links for health professionals on preconception, premature birth, newborn screening, and genetics.
      • Public Health Biology Online course materials for 550.630 Public Health Biology, a class which offers an integrative molecular and biological perspective on public health problems, explores population biology and ecological principles underlying public health, and reviews molecular biology in relation to public health biology.
      • Six Weeks to Genomic Awareness An online series of presentations designed to provide public health professionals a foundation for understanding how genomics advances are relevant to public health.
      • Telling Stories, Understanding Real Life Genetics A web-based resource for health professionals that uses patient stories within a searchable education framework. Annotated stories are accompanied by video clips, expert commentaries and related activities. All stories and accompanying toolkit are downloadable as PDF files.

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