Public Health Resources

Outreach to the Public Health Community

            Project Representation at the Public Health Outreach Forum National Library of Medicine, April 4-5, 2001

Boston AIDS Information Outreach Project  Boston Public Health AIDS Service and AIDS Service Organizations/Community Based Organizations programs in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire

Boston Mental Health Information Outreach Project  Staff, inpatients, and outpatients of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, Doctor Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center

Information Access for Public Health Professionals (New York)  Public Health Departments of Clinton, Essex and Franklin Counties of New York State

HiPHIVE: Hawaii Public Health Information Virtual Emporium  Public health professionals throughout the state of Hawaii

Houston HealthWays (formerly Information Access for Public Health Professionals)  Professional public health community including staff from the Houston Department of Health and Human Service, fire departments, police departments, public librarians, and consumers

Neighborhood Health Centers Biomedical Information Access Via the World Wide Web  Health care professionals at seven Columbus Neighborhood Health Centers

Southern Regional Information Access for Public Health Professionals Project  Health professionals on staff at each of the nine public health departments in the SR-AHEC region

Information Access for Public Health Professionals (Georgia)  All employees of Georgia Department of Public Health District 8-2

Public Health Information Access Project  All employees of Georgia Department of Public Health District 8-2

Health Sciences Information Service Outreach to
Alaska’s Public Health Professionals
  Public health nurses and emergency medical services personnel in Alaska

Partners in Information Access for Public Health Professionals  Approximately 700 public health professionals who work in the seventeen counties served by the Western Regional Office of the New York State Health Department

Grateful Med and Internet Outreach to New England Public Health Professionals  Public health professionals and students in the six New England states who hold membership in NEPHA, a regional affiliate of the American Public Health Association

Chicago Environmental Public Health Outreach Project  All individuals and groups served by the participating health centers, community-based organizations and schools

Healthy Iowans 2010: Integrating Information with Public Health Planning and Delivery  State and local health planners comprising the Workgroup and Chapter Team members involved in the planning effort for the Healthy Iowans 2010 report

Outreach Efforts to the Public Health Office of Northwest District of Missouri  Health care professionals working in the fourteen city, county and state public health office in the Northwest District of Missouri

The Public Health Information Link (P.H.I.L.) for Nevada  All public health professionals in state and county public health agencies in Nevada

Partners in Information Access (University of Pittsburgh)  Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Health Department of Allegheny, Erie, and Montgomery Counties; Pennsylvania Community Provider Association; and interested members of the Pennsylvania Public Health Association and the Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and Practitioners

Information Access for Public Health Professionals: Miner Library Electronic Circuit Librarian Program  Staff of county health departments in the Greater Rochester Area (Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Wayne, and Wyoming Counties)

Using State and National Public Health Information Resources: A Web-Based Training Module for Utah  Utah's state and local public health workforce, numbering 1300 at Utah Department of Health and approximately 700 individuals at 12 local health departments across the state

Public Health Information Initiative: Web-Based Access To Information Resources  Public health nurses connected to county public health departments in 17 counties within the southern regional district of Wisconsin

Outreach to Public Health Providers in the Upper Savannah AHEC Region  Undergraduate and graduate students of Clemson University in the Department of Public Health; Physicians and staff in two Federally supported rural clinics of the Carolina Health Centers; Members of two multi-county health departments in the Upper Savannah AHEC region; Health connectors in a rural upstate community served by a Clemson University mobile clinic, a low-income community center, and a small upstate college

Training Partners for Tennessee Public Health  Individuals working in metropolitan, county, and state public health departments, local public health institutions, and public/private community-based public health organizations in Tennessee